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Please read all information below, as many of your questions will be answered.

Athletes may qualify in one of two ways: 1) he or she is a state champion from any Texas-sanctioned conference, or 2) he or she meets the Qualifying Standard marks / times on the home page.  No exceptions will be made.

  Athletes who accept their invitations must declare their intentions to participate by submitting information utilizing the TXMileSplit Registration Link and paying their $25 Registration Fee online at this same link.  The PayPal link is part of the TXMileSplit registration process.




The Declarations Deadline for all athletes is May 16, 2023.  

Athletes may register and pay as soon as he or she attains the qualifying standard or is crowned a Texas state champion.  One may use 2022-23 indoor marks to qualify, including single-event-only competitions, for example the Lovejoy-Texas Express Holiday Pole Vault Competition or the FasTrak High School & Youth Opener.

Those wanting to compete in either the 2K steeplechase or the Javelin must have a registered mark / time with either TXMileSplit or for the 2021 or '22 track and field season.


100, 200, 400, 800,1600, 3200, 2K Steeple


100H / 110H, 300H


Discus, Shot Put, HJ, LJ, TJ, PV, Javelin

**100, 200, 100H/110H must be verified FAT times



Q:  Can I register without being invited? 

A:  There are no invitations to extend.  An athlete may register if he or she is a state champion from any of the conferences in Texas, or if he or she has attained any of the Qualifying Standards listed on the home page.  

Q:  I am a State Champion from one of Texas' conferences.  Does this mean I am guaranteed a spot in the Meet of Champions?

A:  Yes!  As a State Champion, you are guaranteed a spot in the Meet of Champions.  You should still be alert as to the declaration date.  It is best to register and pay as soon as possible.  

Q:  Can an indoor mark from this season count for qualifying in the Meet of Champions?

A:  Yes - a legitimate and verifiable indoor mark does count toward qualifying.

Q:  Is the $30 Registration Fee refundable if, by chance, I cannot make the meet?

A:  Unfortunately, the $30 Registration Fee is a non-refundable fee.  When an athlete registers and his or her seed time / mark is verified, all efforts at equity for the Meet of Champions are underway.  The athlete's name and time / mark is entered into the computer system to create heat sheets.  When an athlete retracts his or her entry, this simply creates more work to create equitable heat sheets, thus the registration fee is non-refundable.  As well, it is possible that inclement weather forces a cancellation of an event or even the meet.  Still, the registration fee is non-refundable, as all efforts to run the meet will be made.  

Q:  Where is packet pick up?

A:  Packet pick up is at the front gate at Texas State University's track facility.


Q:  My event isn't until early evening.  Will packet pick up be available throughout the day?

A:  Yes.  We understand that in a meet of this structure, athletes will show up throughout the day, thus packets will be available for pickup as outlined above.   

Q:  If my event doesn't start until the afternoon, do I have to show up early for implement weigh-in?  

A:  No - Implement weight-in times for shot, discus and javelin will be published soon.

Q:  If I forget my Pole Vault compliance form, will you have extras on site?

A:  Yes.  USATF and NFHS rules require these forms.  If you forgot to bring one, we'll have extra on site.  Here is a downloadable PV Compliance Form.

Q:  Can my high school coach register me, or should I register as unattached?

A:  If you compete under UIL rules during the season, you should register as unattached.  For private schools and the Home School Association, follow the rules of your respective conference.  Unattached is acceptable under all circumstances.

Q:  If I forget my waiver, will you have extras on site?

A:  Here, too, we'll have extra on site, and her are two versions of the waiver: age 18+ / minor

Q:  I compete for a UIL school during the season.  What are the restrictions on uniforms for the Meet of Champions?

A:  UIL does not sanction the TTFCA Meet of Champions, and its league policy manual makes it clear that athletes MAY NOT wear clothing that represents their respective schools.  As well, athletes and parents should check the UIL policy manual for any other post-season restrictions.  

Q:  I compete for one of the private leagues during the season.  What are the restrictions on uniforms for the Meet of Champions?

A:  As far as we can tell, private school athletes are allowed to wear uniforms that represent their schools.  Always err on the side of caution, and check with your respective athletic league.  

Q:  Will medals be awarded at the Meet of Champions?

A:  Of course!  First, second and third-place medals will be awarded.  At the end of the meet, a trophy will also be awarded to the Most Outstanding Female Athlete and Most Outstanding Male Athlete.  

Q:  Will Fine Designs be on site to sell custom tee shirts?

A:  Yes.  We hope to remain great business partners with Fine Designs who provide outstanding service and great products.  In fact, Fine Designs created the logo.

Q:  Are interviews and race footage archived on the MileSplitTX website?

A:  Yes, MileSplitTX has exclusive rights to film the entire meet, conduct interviews and archive the footage as they deem necessary.  Please go to the MileSplitTX website and search for TTFCA Meet of Champions.  

Q:  Is a trainer on site for taping and / or injuries?

A:  Yes.  A trainer is on site for various duties, from taping to taking care of injuries.

Q:  Will Hall of Famers continue to be part of the Meet of Champions?

A:  We will do everything in our power to make sure that Texas T&F Hall of Famers are on site to either sign autographs or take part in the meet in some capacity.  For a list of which Hall of Famers will attend the Meet of Champions, 1) listen for announcements at the meet, 2) check this website's homepage often and 3) follow us on Twitter - @TTFCA - as announcements are always made via social media.  

Q:  Will their be concessions on site?

A:  Yes, we will sell an excellent variety of food and drinks.  

Q:  Is there a charge for parking?

A:  No - there is not a charge for parking. 

Q:  Where will tickets be sold?

A:  The ticket booth and online. Go to this website's homepage, and at the top, you can purchase tickets

Q:  How much are tickets?

A:  Tickets costs are $5

Q:  Can tickets be purchased online or at the gate only?

A:  Tickets are available online and at the gate.

Q:  What hotels will offer discounted rates?

A:  Please explore to find which best fits your needs and situation.

Q:  Can you recommend things to do in San Marcos? 

A:  Things to do in San Marcos

Q:  If a record is set, will the record be deemed official?

A:  Yes, the Meet of Champions is a USATF-sanctioned meet with USATF officials.  As such, proper protocol will be followed to insure the integrity of the results should a record be set.


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